St. Lawrence Elementary School


Admissions Policy (2/1/2006)


St. Lawrence Parish School admits to grades K-6 students of any sex, race, religion and national origin to all rights, programs, privileges, and activities generally accorded or made available to students in the school.


Students are eligible to attend the school upon request of the parents and with the consent of the pastor and principal.


In order to be officially registered as a student at St. Lawrence School, all the requirements below must be met:


  1. Interview with parent and student by the principal.
  2. Most recent report card showing acceptable conduct and attendance must be seen at the time of registration.
  3. Academic screening.
  4. The child's final report card and the academic screening will be used to determine grade placement.
  5. Payment of bills from previous schools.
  6. Payment of tuition according to current policy.
  7. Probation period of three months.


The following guidelines will be considered in filling up available spaces in our school:


  1. Current students.
  2. St. Lawrence active, registered parishioners.
  3. Families with siblings in the school.
  4. Out-of-parish Catholics without siblings in the school.
  5. Non-Catholics without siblings in the school.


This order of priorities applies only up to the deadline dates for registration.  Students failing to register by the stated deadline will lose their priority and any remaining spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


"Active members" (parents and children) are considered to be those families who are registered and who regularly participate in the worship and prayer life of the Parish Family.  Because the large size of the parish renders weekly personal contact impossible. the external sign of such participation and support is the regular use of the weekly envelopes.  Using the envelopes is a sign of the family's presence at the parish weekly Sunday (Saturday evening) Mass, and of the family's willingness to share in the support of the Parish activities.


No specific amount is required of each family.  The amount ultimately is up to the sincere conscience of the member.  The members in special hardship are expected to use the envelope regularly regardless of the amount given, even if the member can afford nothing at the time.  The envelope is still the evidence of the family's involvement in the Church.  Failure to use this external sign of active participation faithfully throughout the year will be the cause of dropping the family from the "Active Members" as far as the availability of school service - high school and grade school - are concerned.  This means that:


  1. for these now "non-compliant" the parish will not pay the $100.00 tuition fee normally paid by the parish to the Catholic High School for each child, and
  2. these now "non-compliant" will also be required to pay the stipulated grade school tuition as stated n the tuition policy.


The pastor and the principal will keep a list of active and non-active members.


Children of St. Lawrence Parish will receive their Sunday contribution envelopes in August of each school year.  Parents of these children should receive their contribution envelopes in December of each year.  These envelopes are either sent home with the children of parishioners, received in church, or requested at the Parish House.  Parents are responsible for getting their envelopes in one these three ways.


Approved by St. Lawrence Education Commission - January 25, 2006



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