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Arrival Times:  School begins promptly at 8:00 am, but we ask that all students try to be here before that so that they are ready to start learning as soon as the bell rings.  There is no adult supervision for any students arriving in the schoolyard before 7:45 am.  The cafeteria opens at 7:15 am ONLY for those students eating breakfast at school.


Dismissal Time:  Students are dismissed at 2:45 pm.  Please make arrangements to meet/pick-up your children by entering the parking lot off Warsaw Avenue and then exiting the lot through the Sturm Street gate.  There is no pickup permitted on Carson Ave.


Absences:  If your child is absent from school, you are required to call the school office (921-4996) before 8:30 am.  If there is no answer, press extension 35 and leave a message.  You must call the office each day the child is not in school.  Reason for absence notes should be sent to school on the first day your child returns to school.  If requested, homework will be available in the school office after school and may be sent home with a sibling.


Medication Policy: - ALL MEDICATIONS for students must be brought to the school office by an adult to be checked in.  No medicine may be brought to school by a student with the exception of inhalers and epi-pens.  No medicine may be brought on the school bus or kept in a book bag.  Many medications are regulated by Ohio state law and we must comply with these laws.  Thank you.


Early Dismissal: If you are picking your child up early for an appointment, please send a note with your child in the morning.  It is important that we know when and by whom your child is being picked up.  You must come to the school office to meet your child and sign him/her out.  Please try to make all appointments after school hours.


Transportation:  All transportation arrangements must be made with your child before coming to school.  If transportation changes must be made for your student please call the office and we will get a message to them by the end of the day.  Students will not be permitted to call home after school.


Dress Code:  GRADES K-8

  • GIRLS:
  • Selected uniform jumper for grades K-4 and uniform skirt for grades 5-8. Girls may also choose to wear a uniform plaid skort. Jumpers, skirts, and skorts are available from Schoolbelles, Fox’s Clothing Co., or Campus Outfitters. See reverse side for more information.
  • Blouses: White uniform blouse or polos with collars. Long or short sleeves are permitted.
  • Slacks/Shorts: SOLID NAVY BLUE slacks or shorts may be worn with uniform blouse. (JEANS ARE NOT PERMITTED).
  • Socks: Can be ankle or knee length in navy, brown, or white.
  • BOYS:
  • Shirts: White or light blue dress shirts or polos with collars. Long or short sleeves are permitted.
  • Pants/Shorts: SOLID NAVY DRESS pants/shorts are to be worn.  Pants and shorts with belt loops require a belt. (Jeans, parachute pants, pants with multi-pockets or pockets at the knee, warm-ups, or sweat pants, or “fad” pants are not permitted.)
  • Cardigan, pull-over (either V-neck or crew neck), and sweater vests are permitted. These must be solid navy blue, brown, black, red, or white. The St. Lawrence School Sweatshirt is permitted over the uniform shirt or blouse. Other sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts are not permitted. St. Lawrence sweatshirts are ordered through the school office.
  • Students in grades 1-8 are required to purchase a gym uniform through the school office. The uniform consists of a gray T-shirt with “St. Lawrence” printed in red on the front and red shorts. All students must wear non-marring gym shoes (a white or natural sole-NO BLACK SOLES).



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