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Mr. Hilvers was born on July 12, 1958 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the first of three children, to parents Ron and Dottie Hilvers.  His mother is a registered nurse, and his father a lifelong educator and school administrator at the elementary, high school and collegiate levels.

Growing up in Monfort Heights, Mr. Hilvers attended Monfort Heights Elementary for Kindergarten and first grade, then moved to St. Ignatius where he studied through seventh grade.  In his spare time, he took guitar lessons, built jitneys and tree houses, and played with friends in the woods around the neighborhood.

After completing eighth and ninth grades at White Oak Junior High, Mr. Hilvers went on to complete his high school education at Colerain High School in the bicentennial year of 1976.  During high school, he mowed lawns, worked at Wendy's, taught private guitar lessons and played guitar at weddings and private parties to earn money.  Having met Mrs. Hilvers at Colerain, they were married in 1981.

His interest in music led him to become an instructor, store manager and buyer for Willis Music Company where he worked for 9 years until 1984.  During this time, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree at the University of Cincinnati.

Mr. Hilvers left the music business to become a manufacturers' representative with the firm Sanford Gold, and Company.  For seven years, Mr. Hilvers sold products for many nationally known manufacturers of consumer electronics and housewares.  In 1991, he became a partner in the firm The Eden Company, also manufacturers' representatives, and eventually became their president.

In 2000, the principal at his sons' school asked Mr. Hilvers to consider helping out as a substitute teacher, which he did.  The following year, he substitute taught at seven other schools, including St. Lawrence.  

The following year, Mr. Hilvers left the business world to become a full-time teacher at St. Lawrence School.  He has since completed a Master of Education degree at Xavier University, and resides on a farmstead near Sayler Park, Ohio with his wife and two sons, Jackson and Andrew.


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